Welcome to EGHNA

EGHNA Introduction

EGHNA is a consulting team based in Bahrain.

Our Mission Statement

EGHNA supports human development using cost effective solutions.

Products and Services

EGHNA Uses Drupal to Builds highly powerful and extremely easy to use websites.

EGHNA uses VTigerCRM to help organizations manage their customer relations.

EGHNA uses Drupal and Vtiger to support Education institutions.

EGHNA uses Drupal and VTiger to support Government initiatives for transparency, open data, and online mapping.

EGHNA uses Drupal to promote Arabic content creation

Our Portfolio

EGHNA has customers in Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, The UAE, Switzerland, and Belarus.

EGHNA has partners in Syria and Qatar, in addition to Acquia, our international partner.

EGHNA has long track of successful projects, please visit our showcase.

Our Invitations to you, Dear visitor

To discuss your requirements, please contact us. You can find our address and phones in our contact page

To request help or support, please start a live support session.

EGHNA Live Support

We invite you to explore our site, and on each page you visit, you get a new background and a new quote.

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Thank you for visiting EGHNA

This website is powered by:

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
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  • jQuery and many contributed plugins
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  • Designed and implemented by EGHNA

Enjoy the show again

Modernity: We created youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur.

Nassim Taleb