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Geotagging on Aljaml.com
Aljaml.com uses geography enabled categories that allow to show concentration of content items on the world map. This features allows browsing the entire archive on a zoomable map.
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Aljaml.com was launched in Syria in 2005 on Drupal 4. In 2010 the website owners asked EGHNA to migrate the site to Drupal 6 and change the theme. The new website was very successful and ranked top 50K on Alexa before the events in Syria, and scored 95% on Yahoo YSlow site performance index.
News section on Professional-pti.com
Built in 2010 using Drupal 6, The website features course information, trainer information, customer testimonials, and a course agenda. The institute team manages a password protected online learning support systems where trainers and trainees can work online and share information in private and shared workspaces.
Study programs on alamal-aes.com
In 2009 EGHNA used Drupal 6 to build alamal-aes.com for Alamal Educational Services company in Bahrain. The website is managed by Alamal team, and includes multiple study guides and study programs in many leading universities around the world, and many useful features like booking an appointment and submitting a study abroad application online.
A content Section inside Alwarsha.com

In 2012, Alwarsha.com approached EGHNA again for upgrading the site to Drupal 7. The project was straight-forward and successful, and enabled adding important administration features, and basic social media integration.

Alwarsha.com is an Arabic cultural site, established in Egypt in 2006, and migrated to Drupal 6 in 2009 by EGHNA

A content item in Alwarsha.com
Alwarsha.com (means "the Workshop") is an Arabic cultural site started 2006 using a heavily customized legacy CMS. In 2009 EGHNA was contracted to migrate the entire site to Drupal 6. The migration included migrating user accounts with their passwords, user generated content, visitor comments, and creating a revamped site structure.
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