Drupal 7

Photo Gallery on Suragraphy.com
Suragraphy is EGHNA's partner in Qatar. Their Drupal 7 website was launched in 2012 to showcase their magnificent photography, Users can zoom and pan on their high resolution photos and can browse interactive panorama shows.
The homepage of saintmoritzwatches.com
Saint-Moritz watches is a Swiss luxury watches manufacturer. Their website was designed by our partner Suragraphy, and implemented by EGHNA using Drupal 7 in 2011. The customer team is able to manage the product showcase using Drupal's content management features.
DNNAR Home page
In 2011 Damascus News Network was launched in Damascus, Syria. The news service used Drupal 7 as the base for their online presence, and their site is getting increased success.
Standard theme for BSOHS site
In 2012 EGHNA build a website for the Bahrain Society of Optometry, Hearing, and Speech. The society focused on usability and reaching people with visibility challenges, and website used Drupal 7 with 4 themes to reach to different audiences.
Almakki Jewellery home page
Almakki Jewellery asked our partner Suragraphy to design their online brand, EGHNA provided Implemented Suragraphy's designs on Drupal 7 to produce this eye catching website. Since its launch in 2011, the website was managed from the customer offices in Qatar.
A content Section inside Alwarsha.com

In 2012, Alwarsha.com approached EGHNA again for upgrading the site to Drupal 7. The project was straight-forward and successful, and enabled adding important administration features, and basic social media integration.

Alwarsha.com is an Arabic cultural site, established in Egypt in 2006, and migrated to Drupal 6 in 2009 by EGHNA

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